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The Mosaic design dates back to the ancient Egyptian Empire. The design was quite popular during this era, decorating the palaces and royal chambers and to date, this is still one of the most popular designs. Mosaic is colourful and also available in many types. It is suitable for walls, floors, bathrooms, countertops and outdoors.
Mosaic is simple yet elegant. Nowadays Mosaic Tiles are a favourite of many people, and it is quite common to see them on bathroom walls and floors. Trend followers are keen to exploit the uniqueness and elegance that mosaic design brings, make it a tile of choice.
There are various designs, shapes, and sizes of mosaic tiles. The secret to successful installation of Mosaic Tiles is to pick a unique design and a certified Tile Installer. Mosaic Tile Installation is a delicate job that needs experience and expertise.
Melbourne Tiling Victoria is one of the best  Mosaic Tile Installation businesses in Melbourne. We have highly trained and qualified technicians who have adequate knowledge and experience on Mosaic Tile Installation. We serve Residential, Commercial and Industrial premises, offering all kinds of tiles services.

Tips while buying Mosaic Tiles

Most Mosaic Tiles have a particular pattern. In general, the patterns of the Mosaic Tiles should cover only about twenty percent of the total Tile area. The rest of tile should have an even colour. Some Mosaic Tiles may be shiny, so you can pave them in a well-lit area to enhance its look.
There are certain kinds of  Tiles that mix small and large tiles to get the desired pattern. However, this is not the case with Mosaic Tiles. You should always buy Mosaic tiles of the same size. Furthermore, you should also check to ensure that the tiles have smooth back and edges. Smooth Mosaic Tiles will look good in your home and will also last for long.
One of the most harmful substances to tiles is water. When water percolates Tiles, sooner or later, it will start breaking. You should always check  Mosaic Tiles for low water absorbing capabilities. You can do this by pouring a drop of water on the underside of the tile and check if the water will flow to the edges or get absorbed by the tile. If the water doesn’t flow to the edges, then you better not buy the tile.
 The quality of the Mosaic Tile that you want to purchase is of great importance. Always ensure that you buy complete Mosaic Tiles which guarantee quality. First of all, you should check the thickness of the Mosaic Tiles. Thick tiles mean good quality. You should also check the glaze layer and confirm if it is slippery or not.
 Mosaic tiles with strong and tough backing paper are durable possess high quality. With quality characteristics, they won’t get damaged and creased easily.
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