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Melbourne Tiling can take your outdoor space to a new level with Tile Installations. Whether remodeling old landscape or creating a new atmosphere from scratch, we have the expertise you require for the most luxurious and functional outdoor tile. Our designers, just as our tilers, have years of experience in Outdoor Tiling to deliver outstanding results.

Outdoor Tiling Melbourne

Melbourne Tiling offers several options among unglazed and glazed tiles to create an atmosphere of pure beauty. Glazed tiles are most often used as accents for Water Fountains, Walls, and within pools. Unglazed are most often used for patio and decking as they do not pose the slip risk as that of the glazed
When considering Tiling for your outdoor project, the key is to choose a Tiler with the reputation for best quality in workmanship.

Complete Outdoor Tiling Solutions

Many property owners Tile spaces adjacent to French doors and Sliding glass doors. The look can be one that is a beautiful blend, or a look that is less than a match. Our designers and tilers have the experience to provide property owners with tiles that blend in colours and textures and enhance the beauty and value of the interiors and exteriors.
Outdoor spaces can be enjoyed as a seasonal use space or year-round, depending on the region. Tile options must be options that offer resistance and strength to ensure longevity from chips and scratches. They also must offer options that are safe. Water and outdoor spaces, just as heat and outdoor spaces seem to go hand in hand. Tiles that are resistant to scorching heat, just as slippage are also necessary. Melbourne Tiling offers best selections in Outdoor Tiles.

Glazed and Unglazed Outdoor Tiles

Typically, glazed tiles are for effects; however, many property owners find them the appealing choice for outdoor tiling.We offer a wide selection of glazed tiles that incorporate coarse sand into the glaze to make the tiles more tactile. While slipping is always a concern with glazed tiles in water areas, such as around a swimming pool and in rainy regions, the ultimate choice is an unglazed tile. Large grout joints help to reduce slippage in glazed tiles, but only if the tiles are small.
Tiles used around fountains, spas, and swimming pools, the tiles must be able to withstand long-term chemical exposure. You also want tiles that eliminate heat of bare feet. Melbourne Tiling provides property owners with their best selection in Outdoor Tiling for all types of applications and areas.

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For the look and quality that adds years of beauty and value to your property at affordable prices, contact Melbourne Tiling

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