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Many a time, people get confused as to whether to use porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles. Clay and some other materials are fired at very high temperatures in the kiln for making ceramic tiles. These tiles can be further categorized into porcelain and non-porcelain tiles. The tiles that are non-porcelain are usually referred to as ceramic tiles.Red or white natural clay is the source of ceramic tiles. This tile gets an additional glaze that creates the desired pattern and colour on the tile. The glaze stays on for very long periods of time and is highly durable. The glazed tile is subjected to high temperatures so as to bake the tiles and it is this process that removes the moisture content from the tiles.

Why Choose Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles?

Advantages of porcelain tiles

At Melbourne Tiling, we consider all these aspects prior to suggesting tiles that will serve your purpose. Ceramic tiles are ideal for light to moderate traffic areas of the floor and walls, whereas porcelain tiles are a great choice for kitchen and bathrooms due to their moisture resistance, stain resistance etc.

We have an expert team of technicians who are experienced and skilled in tiling and will keep you well informed right from the initial stages to completion stage. Ours is an established business that is fully licensed, certified and insured.

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