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Choosing the right type of Tile and following the best practice for Tile Installation has a big effect in getting the desired results for Pool Tiling. Pool tiling is a unique kind of skill that requires professionalism and experience. When you want to get the best pool tiling job done, seek the services of professionals. We at Melbourne Tiling has extensive experience in Pool Tiling.

Pool Tiling Melbourne

 When it come to pool tiles, there is a wide range of choices.  The most popular and common type of Swimming Pool tiles are Natural Stone tiles. These are a common sight in almost all swimming pools, and this is mainly because they are long lasting and durable. Natural Stone Tiles do not absorb water, and thus they are not affected by the wet conditions of the swimming pool. These tiles are  resistant to adverse weather conditions and hence they are suitable for pavements leading up to the pool area. Another great attribute to the natural stone tiles is that they are not slippery and is therefore, safe to use in wet areas.
           Limestone, Sandstone, and Travertine are various types of Natural Stone Tiles which can be used in pool areas. These stone tiles are also available in different colours, shapes, and sizes and are thus adequate for decoration purposes of the pool area. Basalt and granite are also other options for Pool Tiling. These tiles have a great finish and look very elegant. They can be used with other natural stone tiles to provide a unique blend of colours and design. Granite, for instance, comes in large sizes and it can be cut to a custom size so to suit the style of your pool.

 Aesthetic appeal

Colour is an important aspect when it comes to Pool Tiling. The tile colours that you use in the pool area should be refreshing and appealing. You should use naturally attractive colours and not extremely shiny hues. White and blue are some of the most common colours for pool tiles , as they blend well with the surrounding environment. When choosing colours, patterns also come to effect. The patterns used in pool areas are unique and should also be appealing.

 Melbourne Tiling Victoria is your best bet when it comes to pool tiling. We have done numerous pool tiling jobs, and the results are always excellent.
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