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Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles are well known for its durability and earthy nature and is a popular choice for Domestic Tiling. Melbourne Tiling offers Terracotta Tile Installation, Removal, Repair and Maintenance. It is manufactured by exposing refined clay mixtures to high temperatures in kilns.

Terracotta Tile Installation

Kitchen Tiling Melbourne

Terracotta floors are well suited for Kitchen Tiling. Its advantages include resistance to bacteria and other allergens and other common problems like stains and dust.

Terracotta Floor & Roof Tile

Terracotta tiles can be used in any part of the house including kitchen or patio, indoor and outdoor tiling,without any degradation concerns. These tiles do not absorb water, once they are sealed. They offer good floor protection and maintains floor warmth. Terracotta tiles has an earthy appeal,contemporary look and affordable pricing .Typical terracotta tiles are available in various shades of dark orange, brown and red.

Why choose Terracotta Tiles?

These tiles are highly durable and last for many years without getting faded or damaged. The proof of this fact are the ancient sculptures made out of terracotta.  These tiles are versatile and can stay for long looking like new, provided they are correctly maintained. When you seal these tiles, they turn resistant to stains, moisture and can easily be used for kitchens and patios. It is easy to repair, replace and maintain. They are available in a wide variety of patterns, shapes, sizes and colours.

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