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Tile Restoration

Tile Restoration includes many steps to achieve a quality Restoration. Melbourne Tiling has certified tilers with experience to provide property owners with quality Tile Restorations that are affordable. We clean, strip, seal, re-grout, and repair all types of floors and surfaces. We are professionals that care about the quality of our workmanship, providing property owners with only the finest in Tile Restoration services.
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Tile Restoration Melbourne

To properly clean tile and grout, specialized industrial equipment and heavy duty cleaning products are necessary. Melbourne Tiling is fully equipped with the proper equipment, cleaning solutions and the knowledge to implement the right techniques. With our high standards in Tile & Grout cleaning, we achieve outstanding results.
Tile Sealing 
Sealing all porous tiles is essential to prevent & reduce staining. Tile sealing provides a barrier which helps to eliminate and reduce damage caused by spills, etc. While porous tiles should be sealed, if the tiles are not porous, the grout lines should be sealed.
Tile Stripping 
 Tile stripping can bring back dull, damaged tile to a new, fresh look. Melbourne Tiling strips, scrubs and cleans tiles and grout to remove old sealants and its residue and to restore the original appearance of the floor. Our tilers have all the necessary equipment and possess the skills and experience required so that property owners have Tile Stripping that leaves their Tiles in optimal condition. Our tilers can strip and reseal all hard surface flooring and countertops.
Tile Regrouting
One common problem property owners face is that their tile is still in good condition, but their grout is stained and decaying. The look is one that is dirty, lowering the value of the property, as well as the feel of the room. Tile re-grouting can solve this problem, improving the appearance of the tiled area that has endured years of daily traffic and/or wears and tear. Melbourne Tiling offers tile re-grouting for Showers, Kitchen splash backs, Floors, Walls and Bathrooms. With the expertise of our tilers, your area will look clean and fresh, and appeal at a fraction of the cost of replacing the tiles.
High-Pressure Cleaning 
Melbourne Tiling provides property owners with high-pressure cleaning for external areas like pavements and driveways. The technique is one that is recommended for property owners that want to remove the grunge and grime from concrete pathways, driveways, and patios. With using a pressure washer, slippery moss, oil stains and algae as well as the health hazards, they cause are removed. We offer paver, brick, concrete exterior Tile Cleaning.
Tile Repairs 
Melbourne Tiling replaces and repairs loose, chipped, cracked, discoloured and broken tiles. Our service extends to stairs, floors, walls, swimming pools and anywhere else that tiles are fitted in the home or office.
Grout Colour Sealing 
Sealing the grout in the home or office with a high-quality colour sealer helps to ensure the beauty of the grout for many years to come. Melbourne Tiling provides grout colouring sealing that starts with a thorough cleaning of the tile and grout and then applying an epoxy-based colorant to the grout joints to provide a consistent appearance and to seal the grout to prevent, reduce and eliminate staining. The sealant protects from chipping, peeling, fading and cracking.
We offer quality solutions at affordable prices, so you have tile that is clean and looks as though it is in new condition.

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The staff at Melbourne Tiling are very friendly and professional. Their knowledge of the services that they provide for tiling repair, domestic and commercial tiling is exceptional and they are efficient.

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